Deep Tissue Bio-metrics,Ear shape Biometrics, and Body Odor Biometrics

Identification with Deep Tissue Illumination

A relatively new technique that involves illumination of human tissue by specific lighting conditions and the detection of deep tissue patterns based on light reflection. The technique is claimed to have less susceptibility for spoofing than other forms of biometric techniques, as it is harder to simulate the process of light reflection.

Authentication with Ear Shape

Identifying individuals by ear shape is used in law enforcement applications where ear markings are found at crime scenes. Problems are faced whenever the ear is covered by hair. The ear shape authentication is performed with the help of a 3D scanner.

          Fig – 3D scanner

Authentication with Body odor:

The body odor biometrics is based on the fact that virtually every human’s smell is unique. The smell is captured by sensors that are capable of obtaining the odor from non-intrusive parts of the body, such as the back of the hand. The scientific basis is that the chemical composition of odors can be identified using special sensors. Each human smell is made up of chemicals known as volatiles. They are extracted by the system and converted into a template. The use of body odor sensors broaches on the privacy issue, as the body odor carries a significant amount of sensitive personal information. It is possible to diagnose some disease or activities in last hours by analyzing body odor.

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