DNA Analysis in Bio-metrics

This method works by taking a tissue sample from an individual and then sequencing and comparing short segments of DNA.DNA sampling is rather intrusive at present and requires a form of tissue, blood or other bodily sample. This method of capture still has to be refined.

Fig -Tissue Sampling

So far, DNA analysis has not been sufficiently automatic to rank it as a biometric technology. The analysis of human DNA is now possible within 10 minutes. If the DNA can be matched automatically in real time, it may become more significant. At present, DNA is very entrenched in crime detection and will remain in the law enforcement area for the time being. DNA is particularly intriguing because it is universal and perfectly unique to individuals. For DNA analysis, a modern device called DNA Analyzer is used now-a-days.



The disadvantages of the technique are in its overall invasiveness and the speed at which samples can be processed.  

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