Keystroke Dynamics and Signature Verification

Keystroke Dynamics:

Keystroke dynamics is an automated method of examining an individual’s keystrokes on keyboard. This technology examines dynamics such as speed and pressure, the total time of typing a particular password and the time that a user takes between hitting keys – dwell time (the length of time one holds down each key) as well as flight time (the time it takes to move between keys).


Taken over the course of several login sessions, these two metrics produce a measurement of rhythm unique to each user. Technology is still being developed to improve robustness and distinctiveness. Fig. explains the Keystrokes in a graphical format.

Signature Verification

It is an automated method of examining an individual’s signature. This technology examines dynamics such as speed, direction and pressure of writing; the time that the stylus is in and out of contact with the “paper”; the total time taken to make the signature; and where the stylus is raised from and lowered onto the “paper”.

Signature verification templates are typically 50 to 300 bytes. The key is to differentiate between the parts of the signature that are habitual and those that vary with almost every signing. Disadvantages include problems with long term reliability, lack of accuracy and cost. There are digital and electronic signature verifiers found around in the market. 

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