Embedded system news – May 09

Atmel’s SHA-256 Cryptographic Authentication IC Family Prevents Cloning, Secures Data

May 09, Atmel, a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of microcontrollers, advanced logic, mixed-signal, nonvolatile memory and radio frequency (RF) components – announced the AT88SA family of lowest cost, ultra low power, secure cryptographic authentication ICs. Atmel’s AT88SA devices are the industry’s most secure authentication ICs, with an embedded SHA-256 engine. The 256-bit cryptographic key size allows more possible keys than there are atoms in the sun, making it essentially impossible to crack using brute force methods.

The first device in the family, the AT88SA102S is a general purpose CryptoAuthentication™ IC designed to protect consumers from counterfeit electronic and medical consumables, such as batteries, ink cartridges, test strips, blood bags, breathing tubes, and others. They can be used to secure network transmissions such as satellite radio broadcasts or medical records or any other kind of logical data such as firmware or media.

Releases the New ISE Design Suite 11.1

May 09, Xilinx – the worldwide leader in complete programmable logic solutions introduced the the formal launch of the company ISE ® Design Suite 11.1 Version. The new design suite is the first FPGA design solution with fully interoperable domain-specific design flows and user-specific configurations for logic, digital signal processing (DSP), embedded processing, and system-level design. It supports the targeted design platforms with simpler, smarter design methodologies for creating FPGA-based system-on-chip solutions targeting a wide variety of markets and applications.

 This ISE Design Suite comes with four domain-specific design configurations: the Logic Edition, DSP Edition, Embedded Edition, and System Edition. Each Edition provides a complete FPGA design flow tailored for the user profile (engineer persona) and domain-specific methodology and design environment requirements, This will shurely enable the designers to focus their efforts on creating value-added, competitively differentiated product applications.


May 09, Toshiba America, Inc. is a holding company for one of the nation’s leading group of high technology which is famous for Flash Memory, LCD Panels, Microprocessors, Notebook Computers, Storage Devices, Imaging Systems, Telecommunication Systems and so on.

Few days ago, Toshiba introduced the NAND flash memory products fabricated with 32nm* process technology. This advanced 32nm process technology will shrink chip size, and will help the designers to bring further enhancements to high density, small sized products. The mobile phones and mobile equipments requires small sized memory with large density to support video and movies and so the NAND flash memory will  hold the market – Toshiba hopes. Toshiba will start mass production of 32Gb NAND flash memories in July 2009, two months ahead of its original plan. 16Gb products will start to ship from the third quarter of FY2009.

NXP delivers Cortex™-M3 based microcontrollers

May 09, NXP, the independent semiconductor company founded by Philips, confirmed that LPC1700 series is the industry’s highest performance Cortex-M3 microcontroller based on the test results conducted by Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC). The EEMBC results show that the LPC1700 executes application code on average 35% faster than the leading Cortex-M3 competitors when running at the same clock speeds. NXP’s performance advantage is even greater when the LPC1700 runs at higher clock speeds.

The LPC1700 has been certified by EEMBC at 72,100, and 120 MHz. This increased speed and efficiency is due to the intelligent architecture of the microcontroller, its use of flexible direct memory access (DMA) and best-in-market Flash. The LPC1700 series is targeted to operate high-bandwidth communications peripherals such as Ethernet, USB On-The-Go/Host/Device and CAN simultaneously with no bottle-necks. It is designed for use in a wide variety of applications, including eMetering, lighting, industrial networking, alarm systems, white goods and motor control.

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