GOOGLE VOICE – A Leap of GOOGLE in Telecommunication

 March 12, 2009, – This day is going to be a record day for GOOGLE once again. The Grand GOOGLE had stepped one step forward in the area of Telecommunication with a name Google Voice. The Telecommunication companies had got an alert of this – says many news papers

What is Google Voice?

It is said to be a new version of Grand central technology of Google. With Google voice, people can pick a new phone number from Google Voice; when others call it, Google can ring all the actual phones a person uses. It also gives users a single and easy-to-manage voice mail system for multiple phone lines. And it lets users make calls, routed via the Internet, free in the United States and for a small fee internationally. The main feature in this is – the service is of less cost.

Another one explanation is: The new service weaves traditional phone features with Google’s Gmail email product, allowing a person to store transcripts of voicemail phone messages in their email inbox and to find a specific nugget of information within a phone message as if trawling through a sea of emails.

This may integrate the people who are at a long distance in a very less cost. So, the people who are abroad from there native can throw the feeling off. The main features which are to be introduced in the technology are:

  • Automated voicemail transcriptions
  • SMS messaging
  • Conference calling
  • International calling
  • New forwarding features
  • Gmail Contacts

“Google’s Free Phone Manager Could Threaten a Variety of Services” – says – The Newyork Times

“Google upgrades Grand Central, launches Google Voice” – says – ZDnet

“Google to introduce phone service” – says SanFransico Chronicle

Let us wait for the new arrival which is beneficial to all.

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