Palm Print Technology and Vein Pattern Technology

Palm Print Technology

Palm print verification is a slightly modified form of fingerprint technology. Palm print scanning uses an optical reader very similar to that used for fingerprint scanning; however, its size is much bigger, which is a limiting factor for use in workstations or mobile devices

Vein Patterns:

It is some ought similar to the palm print technology. Vein geometry is based on the fact that the vein pattern is distinctive for various individuals. Vein measurement generally focuses on blood vessels on the back of the hand. The veins under the skin absorb infrared light and thus have a darker pattern on the image of the hand. An infrared light combined with a special camera captures an image of the blood vessels in the form of tree patterns. This image is then converted into data and stored in a template. 


They are large, robust internal patterns.
The procedure does not implicate the criminal connotations associated with the taking of fingerprints.
The patterns are not easily damaged due to gardening or bricklaying.


Lack of proven reliability.

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