Computer Maintenance and Servicing

Now -a- days, there is no home without a Personal computer. But, the computers usually get into troubles and a huge amount is wasted in repairing. The primary cause for this is the nil maintenance of the computer. Frequent maintenance of computers helps for its long life, and reduces the cost of repair.


•    Often run some good antivirus packages, which help to debug the errors and to improve the processing speed. The packages should be frequently updated. It can be downloaded from the website of respective manufacturers.
•    Scan all the pen drives before using it. According to survey, most of the computers are affected by viruses only through pen drives. “Explore” a pen drive than opening it, might be too safe. Holding the shift button on insertion will stop auto opening of pen drive.
•    While reading from CDs or DVDs, first copy the data in drives and then read it. Direct reading may damage the CD or DVD and may cause unnecessary heat.
•    Do not restart the computer often by using the buttons. Restarting a computer should be done in the correct methodology following the proper shut down.
•    Avoid using air coolers near to a computer. But, a computer should be housed in a place which has a temperature less than the room temperature. Split A.C room is the more suitable place to house a computer.
•    Usage of proper mouse pads supports for a long lasting mouse.
•    Placing a computer in a smooth surface is good. The CPU below the working table gives some uneasiness and so, the CPU on a rack placed at a distance slightly above the computer works comfortable.
•    Avoid using the CPU or UPS as shelf or racks. Evade placing the speakers, CD’s and reference books on the CPU or UPS. This may reduce the life of processor fans by giving more heat to the CPU.
•    Avoid using any electro-magnetic devices near to a computer. This may cause some unnecessary magnetic effects.
•    Clean the computers and hardware devices periodically, by blowing some air onto it. The monitors can be cleaned by using spraying cleaning solutions and then wiping it. Always cover the computer with a ventilated thin cover when not in use.
•    And all moreover this, use the computer atleast once in two days. Many people have a wrong idea that a computer will long last if it is kept safe without using it. But, the exact thing is that, the electronic and electrical components present inside the computers get jammed when it is unused.

Care your RAM and HARD DISK:

•    A computer with 10 – 20GB hard disk, and 512MB RAM serves sufficient and faster.
•    Increase the RAM capacity to run multi- parallel applications at a same time.
•    Changing a very older hard disk helps to increase the virtual memory space.
•    Even to a high capacity hard disk, install only necessary softwares. Frequently check the softwares, and uninstall those which are not at all used. Following this reduces the seeking time, increases the processing speed, and also maintains the registry space.

Refurbish your DEVICE DRIVERS:

•    Device drivers are the softwares which help for good functioning of computers hardware. The hardware can be Printer, Modem, Sound card, Scanner etc,. Even the mother boards have the device drivers. They are frequently updated by the respective manufacturers. The new versions of the softwares correct the faults in older device drivers. It establishes novel facilities.
•    The updated versions can be freely downloaded from the web site of the corresponding manufacturer.
•    In WINDOWS, updating is done through Control panel.
•    In LINUX, the drivers are as modules. To update this, the Kernel is recompiled.

Monitor the DISK DRIVES:

•    Periodically allow the computer to scan the disk drives, which helps to correct the faults in happening in Hard disk. It also helps for some improvement functions in the hard disk.


•    For the fine working of a computer, it needs an uninterrupted supply of power. Fluctuation in supply may cause damages to the hardware. Sudden interruption of power may cause major problems such as – computer hanging, loss of unsaved data, reduce the life of computer and processing speed, increases the booting time, etc., The Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) can avoid this fluctuation and interruption.
•    Hibernating and switching to operate in standby reduces the wastage of power during idle conditions of computer.
•    The Laptops should also be connected with mobile spike suppressors for protection. Leaving a ten minutes gap between shutting down time of a laptop and housing, may avoid the unnecessary heat stagnation in the laptop.

These precautions may save the money, which is wasted in repair. It also helps for a long lasting life of computer. Write the suggestions. Have a good time.

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