Multimedia Messaging

What is MMS?

Multimedia messaging is a technology for transferring multimedia information using a store-and-forward type transmission technology called messaging.Multimedia information integrates multiple media information including text, video, image and voice into one unit according to a specific format. Messaging such type of integrated Multimedia information is called Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS service)

Standardization of this MMS on the present -generation mobilecommunications network is of two ways –

  • 3GPP format and
  • WAP Format.

MMS architechture

Fig. shows the general architechture of MM service. The entire functional elements required for providing the MMS service are referred to as the MMS environment (MMSE).

An application that resides on the mobile phone or equipment connected to the mobile phone to provide the user with capabilities such as reference to, sending, receiving and deleting multimedia messages is called the MMS user agent.The Main elements of the MMSE include –

  • The MMS server for storing and processing multimedia messages,
  • The MMS relay for forwarding messages between messaging systems and
  • The MMS user database for retaining user related information such as the profile of each user and the area in which each user is currently located.

3GPP MMS models

The 3GPP MMS specifies two application models. One is based on the IP technology and the other on WAP technology.

IP-Based Application Model

The IP-based implementation model is based on the Internet standard protocols prescribed by IETF. The IP-based gateway, installed as required, performs conversion between the wireless protocol and the fixed network protocol as shown in Figure.

Protocols such as Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) , POP3, IMAP4 and HTTP are specified to be used for the transfer between the MMS User Agent and MMS Relay, depending on the service.

WAP-Based  Model

The message transfer protocol for the WAP-based Application model in Figure is based on the standards prescribed by the WAP Forum and the IETF. Wireless Session Protocol (WSP) is used as the transfer protocol between the MMS user agent and the WAP gateway.

HTTP is used as the protocol between the WAP gateway and the MMS relay.

Push Technology

Core technologies of MMS include capability negotiation and push. Push is the capability to notify the user agent of information from the  MMSE without a  request from the user agent. Push in MMS includes notification and  multimedia message delivery. Notification is to notify the user of the arrival of a message when a message arrives at the MMS server. Multimedia message delivery is an automatic message delivery function to the user agent according to the user’s settings.

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Ref source: W-CDMA: Mobile Communications System from John Wiley & Sons