You all may wonder why i added yoga as a technology in itblogs site. Yes, yoga can also be said as a technology. While all others focus something exteriorly, yoga focuses a inner technology.

Your stress, your anger, your moral, your thoughts, your happiness needs a technology to keep you smooth. That inner technology is called YOGA.

Before two years, my anger, my happiness, my stress, my thoughts and my moral all depended only on other people. But, now it had changed nearly 50%. Even if anyone shakes me, I’m cool. My life changed because of yoga.  My confidence improved, my happiness improved and above all, my health improved.


But, for all these, what i did is, i believed and i practised meditation continuously without any expectation for 2 years. So, i felt miracles inside me. The outer world is remaining the same now. My inner world changed, and i myself automatically changed my outer world.

What changed inside me? Lets talk more ….