Google Voice – make call charges Minimized

Certain days before, we discussed about the launch of Google voice, and what is Google voice.

As we discussed before, the Google voice helped to make local calls at a free rate and international calls at a higher cut-off rate. All we needed is just a P.C with net connection, and the most needed is that we should install the application Google voice in it.

Now, looking forward, the Google voice tries to minimize the call charges directly, through the mobile which is expected to be one of the grand advancements of the future communication.The concept of Google voice can be easily digested by those who use Skype.

The skype in U.K is using a carrier’s normal voice channels for the first leg of a long-distance call, which is then routed from their call center over the Internet to the destination," said Tole Hart, research director at Gartner Inc. He continued that "The service will be useful mainly for international calls since most domestic long-distance plans at the major carriers are already at a flat rate."

As the first step, the Users of Blackberry and Android phones can download the free application into their handsets. Once installed, calls would then be routed through Google’s call center using VoIP connections. Non-Blackberry and Android users can download a mobile Web application that provides browser access to Google Voice features.

Let us make use of this leap too…

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