MATLAB – "R2009a" Toolboxes – A clear Explanation

Vehicle Network Toolbox 1.0

Vehicle Network Toolbox™ is useful to send and receive CAN packets directly from MATLAB® or Simulink®. It enables encoding, decoding, and filtering of CAN messages and helps to work with industry-standard CAN database files.

The Vehicle Network Toolbox, helps to create test and analysis applications in MATLAB that use live data from CAN networks. It also helps to use live CAN data to validate Simulink models. With this Vehicle Network Toolbox, communication with the CAN bus can be done directly from MATLAB or Simulink and also, correlation and synchronization of CAN messages with other data will be easily carried out. The CAN bus traffic can also be easily monitored.The toolbox provides full support for the following Vector CAN interface hardware: CANcardX, CANcardXL, CANcaseXL, CANboardXL, CANboardXL PCIe, and CANboardXL pxi.

Key Features

* MATLAB functions for transmitting and receiving CAN packets
* CAN communication blocks for connecting a CAN bus to a Simulink model
* Bit packing and unpacking functions and blocks for simplified encoding and decoding of CAN messages
* Message traffic GUI for visualizing live CAN network traffic
* Ability to filter and log CAN messages
* Support for Vector interface hardware and Vector CAN database (.dbc) files.

Working with Vehicle Network Toolbox