Advantages of Bluetooth technology

1.    It is a wireless technology which helps to throw away wires and cables.

2.    In wireless communicating technology like IR (Infra Red), the line of sight is a major problem; ie., during communication, the communicating devices should be kept in the same area or angle for data transfer. But, the Bluetooth technology eliminates this problem. In Bluetooth communication, the only requirement is – the devices should be kept within a 30 feet distance, and also, serves as omniditrectional..

3.    Many wireless communications involves a one-to-one networking topology — only one device talking at a time. But, the Bluetooth technology eliminates the one-to-one networking topology and paves the way for connecting any number of devices at a time.

4.    Many wireless communicating technologies gets disconnected immediately after the data transmission gets over; we need to reconnect again for the next transmission. This makes the data transfer to act very slow. But, With Bluetooth, once we’re connected we’re always connected.

Applications of Bluetooth technology:

1.    Mainly used for data transfer in mobile phones.

2.    Used in head sets.

3.    Data transfer in PC.

4.    In cars connected with GPS.

5.    In digital cameras.

6.    For accessing LAN connections.

7.    In MP3 players

So, with this let us finish the discussion about Bluetooth.

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