Bluetooth A Boon

Bluetooth – What is it?

Bluetooth is a technology for short-range wireless connections and communications. It is mainly designed to replace cables and enable ad hoc connections between electronic devices. In slightly more technical terms, Bluetooth utilizes Radio Frequency (RF) signals to establish point-to-point and point-to-multipoint voice and data transfer within a 10- meter radius. Many biggest industries in communications, computing, and consumer electronics are behind the development of Bluetooth.

Why the name -Bluetooth?

The Bluetooth technology gains its name from a German king Harald Bluetooth – who integrated christians. Since, the technology also integrates the devices, its called Bluetooth technology. The symbol is meant to give the alphabets H and B in german form.

Bluetooth – A via:

To connect two or more devices without wires, we switch off to the wireless connection called Bluetooth. To implement this wireless connection, the devices should be installed with the Bluetooth components. For example, let us consider a handy application – our Mobile Phones. Most of the recent mobile phones are all employed with the Bluetooth components in the chip. So, we can connect any number of mobile phones together and transfer data. Not only mobile phones, we can connect any number of Bluetooth devices together and transfer data.

How this data gets transferred? – Via Bluetooth components.

What are the Bluetooth components?Want to know it? Visit again…