Mobile phones – The Future generation Display

Touch Screen Mobiles – The Present generation

Now-a-days, there is no one with a mobile phone. From a beggar till a  billionare possess a mobile . Each and everyone expects the mobile with all recent facilities integrated in it. Within the recent technologies, the  Touch Screen is a major attracting one to all.

Touch Screen Mobile


With this Touch screen, we throw away the push buttons and switches. Just a small stick or else your finger tips itself do all the operations of those buttons. ie, the buttons are all embedded within the screen and we can operate it – just by touching the screen. The Touch screen mainly fuctions with the high sensitive Sensors. So, with this option, the mobile phones increase its beauty and operating mode.

Gesture Input Mobiles – The future Generation

But, now the next generation mobile phones do not even need a touch. ie. it acts like a contactless mobile phones. The buttons are completely thrown away, and the migration of icons do get very much reduced. Without any contacts, the mobile phones can get operated and it is called "GESTURE INPUTS".

Gesture Input Camera

With this gesture inputs, its enough to move the finger tip along the surface of the phone- just  avoiding the contact. In this input, the physical or biological signal is converted to digital signals and those signals are all decoded. This makes the mobile phones to be more advanced and more user – friendly. Already there are cameras with this type of gesture inputs, and the leading mobile companies are planning to adopt it to their mobile phones too.