How to select your UPS

The selection of UPS depends on the working environment.

Home/ Home Office:

Usually, the domestic P.C’s or computers at small industries will not be connected in network. The workload will also be very less. So, choosing a low cost UPS – fits for these environments. So, OFF-Line or Line interactive UPS satisfies the necessity.This UPS stands for 10 minutes after the power cut. So, unnecessary data loss can be prevented.

For example eMerge companies 600VA UPS will fit for these environments. This also increases the normal battery life to 50% and above.

Medium Industries:

Usually in medium scale industries, a server computer will be connected with a small network. When the battery comes into role, it should be instructed to the server. This will help to allot time for a proper shut down. The Line –Interactive UPS suits to this environment.

 For example, eMerge UPS1000VA from the Wipro Company can hold 3 computers with modem, printer and scanner. This UPS also integrates a Microprocessor, which gets activated during Power fluctuations. This UPS gives an utmost protection to computers.

Large Corporates:

The large scale industries will be employed with LAN’s (Local Area Network) or WAN’s (Wide Area Network).So, ON-Line UPS fits to this environment.

For example, the APC Symmetra UPS, 6000 VA which can control more than 100 networks or APC smart UPS which can control 50 networks can be utilized. These UPS mainly helps for the Networking environment.

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