Parts of UPS

The main parts of a UPS are:

  • Rectifier
  • Battery
  • Inverter


The rectifier is a device which is used to convert the A.C (which comes from the Mains line) to D.C (To store in a battery). When there is supply from the mains (A.C), the UPS starts to charge its battery in the form of D.C supply. This A.C to D.C conversion is done by the main components of a Rectifier, the Diode and Capacitor.

The Diode is the main device to convert A.C to D.C, and the capacitor is used to filter the A.C harmonics in D.C supply. (Harmonics – Residues of A.C which will be usually present with D.C after conversion).


It is the only device which can store electricity. The battery charges when there is supply fro mains and discharges (supplies) at the time of power-cut.


The stored energy is in the form of D.C. So, to convert the stored energy again to A.C (supply form), a Device called Inverter is used. The inverter works in contradiction to a rectifier. It converts the D.C from a Battery to A.C for supplying the CPU.

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