Reversible Diodes from Pervoskite

Diodes are the semiconductor devices, which is mainly used for unidirectional current conduction. Usually, the diodes conduct current only in the forward biased condition and does not allow the current in reverse biased condition. This principle is alone, being working from the period of invention of diode.

Reversible Diode

 But, a revolution is made to happen and now, the diode is made to conduct in two directions. A Reversible diode has developed now by the scientists of The State University of New Jersey (Rutgers University). Such diodes are claiming the world’s first “Reversible Diodes”.

These diodes are made by a new material called “perovskite” which comes under the ferroelectric material category. The new material obtains its crystal structure by combining a negative oxygen ion (O2) with two positive ions – Bismuth (Bi) and Iron (Fe) of very different atomic sizes.

By applying an external voltage, to the diode made of Pervoskite material, the “Polarization” of the material reverses which automatically reverses the direction of current flow in the diode (Rectifier Orientation). This polarization effect has the ability to control the crystal’s ability to act as a diode, is known as a "bulk effect" – a characteristic that permeates the whole crystal.

Advantages of Pervoskite and Reverisble Diode:

According to a professor Sang-Wook Cheong at the University "Power generation efficiency has been measured, but the sensitivity is found to be at the edge of the blue light wavelength region," ie. The “perovskite” material appears very sensitive to light at the blue end of the spectrum, a property which has the potential to increase solar cell efficiency. It is found to have a photovoltaic light wavelength in the region (optical wavelength region) not covered by the existing solar cells. This could open the door to new green energy source. The Professor also say, that the new material might open a way for new devices and circuits.

On integrating the new ferroelectric material with the semiconductor process, Reversible diode can be used as discrete component and also on the CMOS which is integrated on the chip. He also says that “Reproducibility of the bulk effect is higher in principle”.

The new invention may help to improve the Solar Cells, Electronic circuits and Computer chips.

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