Fast mobile Rechargers – Future trends

Usually it takes more than 10-20 minutes for any device to charge or discharge completely. But, as a new advancement, the engineers of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have innovated a new charger, which can help to charge or discharge any battery within 10 to 20 seconds. This was reported on 12th of this March.

In normal Lithium charger, the ions move slowly to charge. If it is made to move fast, it creates some problems like more heating

The new advancement is –

  • This is done with the new lithium iron phosphate material (discovered by Ceder and group before few years) with a little advancement in the process of charging.
  • A new surface structure is created around the surface structure of Lithium iron phosphate material. The ions in the  material is made to move faster around the material. When the ion traveling reaches this surface, it is instantly diverted into it. So, the problems due to fast movement are avoided.

Fig – A sample of the new battery material that could allow quick charging of portable devices.

Figure above shows a Scanned electron micrograph of a particle of the new battery material. Dark area indicates the inside of the particle surrounded by a lighter surface layer only five nanometers wide.

 "The ability to charge and discharge batteries in a matter of seconds rather than hours may open up new technological applications and induce lifestyle changes," Ceder and Kang – the innovators – conclude in their Nature paper. Ceder believes the work could make it into the marketplace within two to three years.

 Let us wait for the new arrival.

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