New SoC for Car Audio Systems from NEC Electronics

System-on-a-chip or system on chip (SoC or SOC) refers to integrating all components of a computer or other electronic system into a single integrated circuit (chip). It may contain digital, analog, mixed-signal, and often radio-frequency functions – all on one chip. A typical application is in the area of embedded systems.

NEC Electronics had announced the sampling of a new system-on-a-chip (SoC) for car audio systems, the µPD35502 in this March. This new SoC gives a new look for the car audio system when used.

With this SoC , a variety of songs, from different sources can be played. ie, the source can be either a USB, a Bluetooth or through SD card interfaces. It can also support the songs of MP3, WMA and AAC formats. This device also has the further advantage of enabling field upgrades of key system characteristics, such as adding new human machine interface (HMI) features, new versions of existing audio codecs, and adding completely new codecs as they become popular in the market.

"The goal for this device is to provide advanced hardware and matching software to support a rich automotive infotainment and connectivity experience," said Hiroaki Kaneko, general manager of the Automotive Systems Division, NEC Electronics Corporation.

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