April 4, 2009 Scientists from Europe had designed a very advanced robot in the model of a 3 and a half years old baby. The top ranking universities of Europe struggled hard for 5 years to bring out this Europe. The designing cost of the robot is undertaken by the Board of Europe. The cost of the robot in market is $300000 (1.5 crores in Indian money).

The robot can act as a little baby; ie., it can crawl, sense the surroundings by its eyes and sense of feel. With the robotic arm, this robot can hold the machine parts and work. Those who are lonely at home can adopt this robot to avoid their loneliness. The beauty of the robot attracts all the people when it crawls as a small baby attracts the people.

“This robot is comparatively equal to the mechanical advancement as of to Japanese robots” says the research Director Darwin Caldwell. “But, at the same time the baby robot is not able to walk, but can only crawl” he continues.

20 universities from Europe had planned to design such type of robot individually within this year end.

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