Four rotor flying Robot – Robot in 2009

Institute of Technology reaserchers of Germany is on the development platform for a Four-Rotor flying robot. The work for the design of robot is on process till this March 6th.

The robot is designed to help in the area of serious disaster scene occurring suddenly. The robot works on a specific set of wireless receiver network for mobile phone or on WiFi access equipment. The main feature of this robot is that it seems to be too faster than the rescuing men at work..

It is designed with four Rotors of a motor connected along with its fans.

But, the main disadvantages of the robot are:

  • It costs about 1200U.S Dollars – nearly about 60000Rs.
  • The robot can only run for 20 minutes in its own power

Researchers are looking for a more economy-driven program which should be more durable.

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