MARCH, 19, 2009 -Researchers of Japan has designed a new robot. This robot looks like a typical Japanese model. The name of the Robot is H.R.B – 4C. This robot is going to take part in the fashion show which is going to be held at Tokyo of Japan on March 23, and the whole week. This robo is trained to catwalk as a girl model.This robot look is like a typical girl and its very close to morphing. The humanoid robot can interact with humans using speech recognition.










H.R.B – 4C can walk, move its hands, and can exhibit the feelings of angry and excitement. This can say a “Hello” too. In short, it can perform the actions of a girl model on stage.

The height and weight of H.R.B – 4C is also fixed as of a girl model. The height of the robo is 5”2 and the weight of it is 43Kg(including battery). This robo comes for sale after it completes its catwalk in the fashion show. The cost of the robo is $20,000 (Just 10 Lakh in Indian Rupees).wearing a metallic suit



These are the photos taken during the fashion show, of "cybernetic human " HRP-4C" while walking in front of journalists during a demonstration in Tsukuba, near Tokyo, Monday, March 23, 2009.

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