Recent Robotic Applications – 2009

Robot – Q- Micro Robot

Takara Tomy – an Chinese company, had introduced an Obstacle recognition robot in this February. It is an impression company which is famous for micro-robots. The name of the new robot is robo-Q. This is a two-legged robot, just with the size of a human thumb. But the mind and heart of the robot is sufficient enough to act upon the people’s instructions. It is a remote controlled robot.

The main concept in the robot is – its built-in obstacle-recognition software which helps to bypass obstructions or overthrow.

Intelligent Wheel chair:

A new “Crazy kids” group in University of South Florida had introduced a new wheel chair, which is controlled by the signals from brain. They use a special electrode cap to allow coverage of the head, then p-300 to capture the response of brain waves. Then, it converts it into instructions to control a robot, such as typing or manipulate the machine in hand.

The group produced a smart wheelchair users try to make movements – in the absence of any circumstances alone thinking to control it. It might be useful for many people who have special needs.


The new video for this Brain-controlled  or intelligent wheel chair is shown below:


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