Robotics and RFID application in Electronics

MIR:ROR – A Networking device with RFID

Mir:ror is as simple device (product) which helps to frame a easy network. It looks like a small round mirror. It can pass any  information, say any details about a topic, when connected to a network. When any object is placed on its surface, it provides the desired information. To understand more clearly, look at the video.

The RFID terchnologies are now only at the top surfaces. With this mir:ror, the RFID technologies may become domestic.Mir:ror provides the tools and empowers all people to easily understand, master, control and create this whole new world of RFID chips. The revolution of the Internet of Things suddenly becomes a simple, obvious, daily reality that’s within anyone’s reach.

But, how does this becomes a Robotic application? AS the RFID tags are connected to a micro-robot, this becomes a Robotic application. The package of mirror comes with a mir:ror, and two micro-robots with ztamps.

How does this work? 

•  Download Mirware, the Mir: ror’s software It is available on line for Mac and Windows XP / Vista
•  Plug Mir: ror into one of your computer’s USB sockets Mirware will automatically take you to the registration website. Register your Mir: ror on and set up an account to start programming your objects.
•  Your Mir: ror is now ready to work You can start programming it and using your Objects.
•  Affix a RFID tag (Ztamp) to an object The Mir: ror bundle includes Ztamps and 2 Nanoztag micro-rabbits (robots) also containing Ztamps
•  Show the Ztamp to the Mir: ror Mir: ror notifies you that this Ztamp has not yet been programmed and takes you to
•  Add Applications In the directory of applications on, select the actions you would like to perform every time the object is detected
•  You Object is ready Every time you will show it to your Mir: ror, it will launch the applications you have assigned to that object


  • Connects to a USB port on any Mac or Windows PC
  • Detects objects with RFID chip
  • Mir: ror is able to recognize:
  • Objects bearing RFID Ztamp: s by Violet bundled with the Mir: ror (also soon available separately)
  • Nano: ztags, micro-Rabbits to which you can assign applications
  • Pre-Ztamped objects such as Children’s books pre-programmed to read out the story
  • Any object fitted with an RFID chip (found in some public transport passes, RFID key rings, ID cards, hotel keys etc …)
  • Mir: ror transmits any detected chip’s identifier to the platform, which returns instructions about apps to run. 

 Programming Applications

•  You can assign several applications to any individual object identified with an RFID chip: reading a Website, sending e-mail, opening a file, counting, giving the weather forecast …
•  Programming is as easy as picking your applications among the selection offered in the directory on
•  You can also add applications to objects that already have programmed functions: your bus pass can be set to send e-mail to your parents each time Mir: ror sees it
•  The programs on a Ztamp can be changed at will
•  You can send data about your Ztamp’s detection to your own web-hosted applications. 


 The choice of services and content is ever-expanding. The following list is purely indicative and non-exhaustive. All of these services are triggered when you show a Ztamped object to the Mir: ror, and can be used free of charge.
•  Launches files on your computer
•  Connects to websites
•  Plays videos, photos, music
•  Text-to-speech playback of news from your websites (RSS feeds)
•  Launches Internet radios
•  Sends e-mail messages with variable content
•  Sends spoken messages
•  Plays Weather, Markets, Air Quality info
•  Counts, records and gives reminders of an object’s recent use
•  Locks your PC, activates the screensaver
•  Send messages on Twitter with variable content
•  Receives e-mail and message through the object
•  Sends detection data to external websites through a URL 

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