Robotics application in Networking

Network Robot – NABAZUTAG

A robotic engineer named ARADIAN RAFI from Japan has created a wi-fi connection with robotics in 2007 January. This robot named NABAZUTAGU looks like a cute rabbit. It is a multi – purpose internet connected rabbit. The creator says “New communication tools to lead the world through cute rabbit – The NABAZUTAGU”. The specialty of this wi-fi connection is that, it can talk, hear, read, move, blink, and can sniff objects. It has just one wire for electrical power and for network it acts as a cordless connection and connect internet through a broadband connection and wi-fi access point.


 The choice of services and content is ever-expanding. The following list is purely indicative and non-exhaustive. All services can be used free of charge.
 In real time, or at desired time, Nabaztag can read out news as it appears on the Web.  Nabaztag plays the favourite Webradios at the time scheduled time, or whenever it is asked with a voice command. Nabaztag talks about the weather all the time, with blinking lights or spoken newsflashes. In real time, Nabaztag gives informations about market trends with his blinking lights. Nabaztag can warn when a specific message has arrived. Exchange spoken or musical messages with friends and other Rabbit owners. It gives a morning wake-up call with the favourite tune or radio station. On the top of every hour, Nabaztag tells the correct time in a different way.