SAYA- The world’s first Robo Teacher of 2009

SAYA is the world’s first robo teacher appointed in Japan on this March 2009.

This robot is created by a science Professor Hiroshi Kopayashi. With a toiled work, the professor took 15 years to design this robot. The professor had already designed many robots such as ‘Face robots’, ‘Receptionist robots’ and so on. He had also published many journals on face robots and artificial muscles of robots.

This robos face is designed like a typical japanese girl. It also performs as a well trained receptionist in requirement. The students enjoy the class as it gives a new experience for them.

This robo not only takes class, but also registers the attendance. This robo can show the feelings like a human. It can exhibit happiness, fear, hatred, excitement, worry and anger. For exhibiting the feelings it is fixed with 18 motors. Instantly, the robot is made to work at a school in Tokyo for test.  If it hits, the robot will be made to work as a full time teacher” – says the Japan researchers.

The humanoid was actually designed to replace a variety of workers, including secretaries, in a bid to allow firms to cut costs while still retaining some kind of human interaction.

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