Solar Heating – Future’s Neccessity…

The  fall of economy throught the earth may create any scarcity. Who knows? It may create a very bad scarcity in money rotation, food, water and even in electricity. As we depend on technology completely, this might even happen. But, although this solar energy is sucked by technology, the main resource for this is the nature – the Sun.The sun provides us with heat and light that is essential to life all year round. We collect teh solar energy and it can be used. 

There are two types of solar collectors:

  • Flat plate 
  • Evacuated tube.

The flat plate collectors are mostly used now-a-days than evacutaed type collectors.The roof seems an obvious place to mount your solar heating panels. The plates consists of a insulation, which stops the heat that it absorbs from being transmitted into the roof it is mounted on. A coil of tube within this collects the heat and transmits it to the storage tank, and at the front of the collector is an absorbent surface. This could simply be matt black, or it could be a selective coating.

Solar Photovoltaics

There are a number of different technologies that can be used to produce devices which convert light into electricity.But, We take solar cells and we combine them into larger units called “modules,” These modules can again be connected together to form arrays.The solar cell is a very smallest part. When combined into modules and arrays, the solar “cells”  are mechanically supported by other materials—aluminum, glass, and plastic. One of the materials that solar cells can be made from is silicon—this is the material that you find inside integrated circuits and transistors. There are good reasons for using silicon, it is the next most abundant element on earth after oxygen.From it,  “monocrystalline solar cells,” are made. These are slices of silicon taken from a single, large silicon crystal.Another type of solar cells,is called “thin-film” solar cells.

Solar Products:

Now -a-days, people had started using the solar products and the products are becoming slightly famous. Let us give a glance about the new products.

 Solar lights, Solar water heaters, Solar heated Pools,Solar Pens, Solar calculators, Solar MP3 Players are some of teh examples. Let us take a look of some solar product photos here:

Fig: Solar Tyre Guage 

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