Solar Powered mobiles – New technology – Yet to be introduced…

An exhhibiton named " Mobile World Congress 2009" was conducted in 13th of this february , at Spain. The theme of this exhibition is to introduce some new technology and eco-friendly  mobile phone. The new introduction of solar mobile and a watch caught the highlighted attraction.

The solar mobile phone named "BLUE EARTH" was introduced by The SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS of South Korea.


The mobile phone features a solar panel on the back of the hand set and the south Korean company gives the statement "you can get anywhere with enough power to call".  It is said to be eco-friendly because, the mobile phone unit is made from recycled plasic bottles, which does not harm the humans brain or ear.

Features of BLUE EARTH – “Words from SAMSUNG Electronics”

  • The charging capacity and its power efficiency give a 100% satisfaction.
  • It also includes, the standby power consumption is just 0.03W.
  • Full surface touch screen which sets the mode to energy efficiency.
  • A Lower backlight illuminates the screen brightness

The company expects it would be a huge new market – especially in emerging regions. Let us wait and see…

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